Loi Loc Ndx 303
  • 4 layers of filtration: Ceramic, non-woven fabric, activated carbon, hollow fiber filter.
  • The most advanced hollow fiber membrane technology today, clean water retains natural minerals
  • Purifies 13 harmful substances remaining in the water (machine), according to Japanese Industrial Standards.
  • Used as an alternative to the filter of the Alka-Rich NDX-303LMW.
  • Made by OSG Corporation, 100% made in Japan
4.500.000 VND


医療機器認証書 Ndx 303lmw
Product name AR303-K (used in NDX-303LMW)
Product line Replacement filter cartridge
Filter technology Activated carbon & Hollow fiber filter
Filter material 4 levels of filtration: Ceramic, Nonwoven, Activated Carbon, Hollow fiber filter
Type of water generated Pure water retains minerals, drink directly at the tap
Water flow 4.0 liters / min (the amount of water coming out of the faucet)
Water source used Tap water has been pre-filter
Rate of wastewater There is no waste water
Electricity supply No electricity
Applicable water temperature 5-45℃
Input water pressure 0.1-0.4 Mpa
Filtering capacity

12,000 L for free free chlorine and Turbidity

6,000 L for Soluble lead, CAT (agrochemical), 2-MIB (mold smell), Trihalomethane, Dibromochloromethane, Bromoform, Tetrachlorethylene, Trichloroetylene, 1.1.1-trichloroethane

Origin 100% Japan – OSG
Weight Updating
Dimension Updating
Recommended filter replacement time 12 month (depends on water quality)
Quality certification JIS, JWPA


Construction of the filter

Lọc Nuoc 02



Water purification technology

Loc Nuoc 01

Replacement filter for OSG NDX-303LMW


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– Công suất điện giải: 240W

– Lưu lượng nước ion kiềm: ~ 3.3 lít/phút

– Lắp đặt linh hoạt 

– Kết nối vòi nước

  • Please contact us about auxiliary equipment.


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